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Urban Pop Art Projects is Margarita Korol's brand of fresh design. The art studio is headquartered in New York City with bases in Chicago and Los Angeles. Her mark has been made in the design, publishing, music, and nonprofit industries. Named Best New Visual Artist of 2013 by the Chicago Reader, Margarita's exhibits with her signature humanitarian angle aimed at doing social work have put Urban Pop Art Projects on the map. Updating the Soviet Jewish immigrant experience in the contemporary public eye, her award-winning Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother project, featuring a poster exhibit, published poem, produced musical track, video, and book available on Amazon is a multimedia experience covered by the media as doing important social work. Explore her other social propaganda exhibits and more.
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Adapting systems to the people's pursuits of happiness.

Margarita is an artist and social innovation designer in the space of trauma stewardship and working systems design.

Since 2007, her Urban Pop Art Projects have worked towards __________.

☻ embracing all of our immigrant roots in Chicago (Immigrating City, 2007)

☻ feeling empathy towards people behind totalitarian walls (Die, Mauer, 2009)

☻ empowering American citizens to demand transparency and be active in their democracy (Drunkdial Your Senator, 2011)

☻ updating the post-Soviet Jewish identity in America (Spoils of War, 2012)

☻ persuading Chicagoans that we all have enormous creative potential energy inside (Intel, 2013)

☻ helping bereaved siblings and others to keep celebrating life (, 2016)

☻ launching a social enterprise enabling creative professionals with learning differences to pursue their careers passionately (AdaptLab Productions, 2017)

Born the week of Chernobyl in Ukraine to Jewish refuseniks (political refugees fleeing oppressive Soviet persecution in the 70s and 80s), Margarita’s focus on empowering individuals in disadvantaged struggles against the social and political systems around them is an ongoing theme in her work. Today her strongest weapons for activism are urban pop, design and cybernetics (the science of control through communication). She studied cultural anthropology at Loyola University Chicago and Charles University in Prague, and has an MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts. She is a Chicagoan living in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC, USA, ⊕. Margarita can be reached at the AdaptLab Productions studio.