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Spoils of War (2012)


A multimedia project dedicated to Margarita's refusenik family, especially her mother who escaped the Soviet Union as a lone refugee with her daughter in 88. With funding from COJECO's Blueprint Fellowship, partnered with UJA Federations, Spoils of War exhibited at the National Arts Club on Gramercy Square. The namesake poem Margarita wrote that was originally published in Tablet Magazine was published in book-form alongside the 17 illustrations, reproductions of the poster exhibit. Performed at NYC's literary venues KGB Bar in the East Village and Franklin Park Bar in Brooklyn. For the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her mother's immigration in 2013, Spoils of War was performed and exhibited in Manhattan as part of the city's Russian Heritage Month from the Russian American Foundation, Mayor Bloomberg, and the New York Post.

—June 2012 Poem published in Tablet Magazine and exhibited at New York's National Arts Club alongside a seventeen panel series.

—December 2012 Book released at KGB Bar in local bookstores in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, and on Amazon.

—2013 Multimedia live performance at Franklin Park Reading Series

—2013 Multimedia installation with 6 new propaganda painting portraits at Manhattan Brownstone Gallery

Award of New York State Assembly Citation

—Coverage in NY Post

—Coverage on Russian Television International and Russian Television Network

Artwork, poem, and spoken word by Margarita Korol.

Recording by Willie Green.

Song production by Sam Barsh.

Video by Abraham Riesman.