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Urban Pop Art Projects is Margarita Korol's brand of fresh design. The art studio is headquartered in New York City with bases in Chicago and Los Angeles. Her mark has been made in the design, publishing, music, and nonprofit industries. Named Best New Visual Artist of 2013 by the Chicago Reader, Margarita's exhibits with her signature humanitarian angle aimed at doing social work have put Urban Pop Art Projects on the map. Updating the Soviet Jewish immigrant experience in the contemporary public eye, her award-winning Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother project, featuring a poster exhibit, published poem, produced musical track, video, and book available on Amazon is a multimedia experience covered by the media as doing important social work. Explore her other social propaganda exhibits and more.
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Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother (Poem, art, and performance by Margarita Korol; Music by Sam Barsh; Video by Abe Riesman)


Urban Pop Art Projects is a studio creating art for musicians, media, and community organizations in order to amplify the humanitarian work they are doing in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The studio's imprint, Urban Pop Art Books releases monographs that are illustrated, designed, and laid out in-house, often with multimedia elements. Authors are artists, authors, musicians, and innovators who are of the Urban Pop Art creed promoting social service, critical thought, and political stimuli that fight corruption, mediocrity, and human rights infringements.

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